Winners of the Rock & Clàssic / Senglar Rock

Winners of the Rock & Clàssic - Senglar Rock demo contest, Entartete Kunst from Barcelona relieves My Own Gravity in the second edition of this contest and they are going to play in the Montblanc festival.

The high level showed in the final phase of the second edition, makes difficul to choose only a winner. Finally, Entartete Kunst were the chosen, and they will have the chance to play their music in the festival and show their demo "Where have they been?", that explicitly or implicitly reminds groups like Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Cure, Killing Joke, and even more, Radiohead.
When they have known the good new -" in the beginning I only think that this could be true", says Miquel, the singer- the band is ready to do a concert that they see as one of the best opportunities that they have had till now.
"Playing in the Senglar festival will be a nice experience", assures Mario, who plays keyboards, and the singer says a more interesting comment: " We hope that after having played in this festival we could play in some other places". A similar opinion has Guillem, the drummer, who explains that this can be useful "to promote the band, because without recognition you can't do nothing, and now we could find some concerts around Catalonia".
The most important for the band is to play live as many times as they can, including acoustic shows, an experience that they are going to do again soon.
A very good position in the preliminar rounds of the Emergenza European contest, also encourage them to continue doing a music that reminds 80's dark pop with Joy Division as their greatest reference.
"I think-says Mario- that we have more things in common with The Cure, because of the keyboards". "In fact"- assures Guillem-we have learned to play hearing music, because none of us have musical knowledges. In the beginning we did some Nirvana or Ramones versions, till we had discovered Joy Division, and we could define our formula". As they drummer says, Entartete Kunst could be defined like: " a powerful bass, a blunt drum and meticulous guitars".
All of this, in situ, in the Senglar Rock.